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What Color Should I Choose for My Entry Door?

What Color Should I Choose for My Entry Door?

Wanting to update your residence’s outside? Or make it more attractive to future homebuyers? A new front entry door is a great way to make your residence stand out.

There are many options and colors to select from when you’re working on door replacement in Terre Haute, but we’re ready to help. Our Pella of Terre Haute design consultants are experts in helping you find just the right exterior door to complement your home’s architectural style.

Once you select a look, the right color on your new Pella® door can make it pop. Here is our advice when you’re thinking over what color your front door should be.

How Your Residence’s Architecture Impacts Front Door Color

To start, you should think over your residence’s look. Is it traditional, contemporary or farmhouse? This can affect the style for your door replacement, in addition to the color.

We usually see conventional colors—like dark blues, greens, reds or black—paired with a traditional-style residence. If you own a contemporary or farmhouse-style home, try using bolder colors that complement your home’s outside.

If your home has darker-colored siding, adding a lighter door can really stand out. But keep in mind that lighter colors including white and tan can be trickier to keep clean.

It’s great to include some contrast, but don’t overdo it. We suggest choosing a few complementing colors for the siding, trim and accents including doors.

Based on the type of siding you use, here are several matching front door colors:

  • Brick exterior—dark blue or navy
  • Gray siding—dark blue, navy or red
  • Green, white or tan siding—red
  • Light blue or black siding—dark blue or navy

If you’re selling your home, it’s important to keep your potential buyers in mind. You may want to stick with more standard colors, such as blue, brown, green, red or white. Doors that are too boldly colored, such as pink, purple or orange, might be a sticking point for future buyers.

At Pella of Terre Haute, we can help you discover the ideal exterior entry door to highlight your house and boost your curb appeal. Contact us at 812-234-0729 today to start your exterior door replacement project.

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